The New Industry Standard

At Bargo, we specialize in providing top-quality bandsaw blades for pallet dismantlers, mills, and resaws. Our range of six products sets a high standard in the field, ensuring superior performance in wood processing and durability that professionals rely on.

High-quality bandsaw blades for sawmill and pallet operations

Experience cutting-edge technology and optimal performance.

Hardback Carbon Pallet Dismantler Blades

M42 Bi-Metal Pallet Dismantler Blades

Rip Portable Mill and Resaw Blades

Rip Portable Mill and Resaw Blades

Bi-Metal Portable Mill and Resaw Blades

Carbide Tipped Teeth Sawmill Blades

Bargo 900 Series

Hardback Carbon Pallet Dismantler BLADES

The Bargo 900 Series is designed for pallet dismantler operations, focusing on wood processing and ripping tasks. This blade stands out with its induction-hardened teeth, ground for maximum sharpness.

It ensures minimal waste and boasts a longer life span, outlasting competitors significantly and offering frequent re-sharpening options for sustained efficiency.

Bargo 901 Series

M42 Bi-Metal Pallet Dismantler Blades

The Bargo 901 is tailored for the rigorous demands of pallet recycling, including preparation and dismantling. Its bi-metal construction and precision-ground teeth adapt to heavy-duty applications.

This design allows the blade to cut through nails with minimal kerf loss, offering more accurate cuts with reduced effort, marking it as a reliable tool in demanding settings.

Bargo 905 Series

Rip Portable Mill and Resaw Blades

The Bargo 905 Series stands as a remarkable choice for sawmill operations, designed to efficiently handle a wide range of wood types. This series is characterized by its high-quality carbon construction, ensuring both strength and longevity.

The design of the Bargo 905 focuses on delivering stable performance, with a blade width that supports consistent, accurate cutting.

Bargo 905+ Series

Rip Portable Mill and Resaw Blades

The Bargo 905 Plus Series significantly advances beyond the standard 905 Series, offering a +6% wider blade for a broader cutting surface, which enhances stability and performance.

It features a robust design with +15% increased beam strength, ensuring greater resilience and reduced blade deflection. Remarkably, it’s +37% more durable than its counterparts, dramatically minimizing the need for blade replacements and reducing downtime.

Bargo 906 Series

Bi-Metal Portable Mill and Resaw Blades

The Bargo 906 Series is suitable for a variety of wood types, making it ideal for both sawmill and industrial applications. Its combination of high-speed steel and robust spring steel back ensures efficient and quick cutting.

This blade stands out for its durability, resisting wear, heat, and stress, and is a cost-efficient choice for a range of cutting tasks.

Bargo 910 CT Series

Carbide Tipped Teeth Sawmill Blades

The Bargo 910 CT Series is specially designed for sawmills and milling operations. Its carbide-tipped teeth are optimized for cutting through hard woods, offering smooth, efficient cuts.

This blade is particularly long-lasting, reducing the frequency of replacements and providing a cost-effective solution for milling operations.

We have dedicated ourselves to crafting the highest quality bandsaw blades for pallet dismantlers, mills, and resaws. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction drives us to constantly improve our products, ensuring they meet the rigorous demands of professional wood processing.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and are dedicated to supporting your needs. Each blade reflects our commitment to quality and efficiency. When you choose a Bargo blade, you’re selecting a product that sets industry standards. BARGO is your go-to choice for sawmill blades.